DJ ACE, also known as Vanessa McDowell, was born and raised in Madison, WI.  She has been deejaying for over ten years and taught herself how to do so.  DJ ACE has always had a love for music and decided to make a business of it after being asked by friends to provide the music at different events.  The rest is history.  She uses deejaying as an outlet of self-care from her demanding day job of being a Chief Executive Officer.  CEO by day and DJ by night.

How She Does It

DJ ACE is more than just a female Deejay.  She prides herself in being a crowd mood setter.  She enjoys making people feel good through music.  She believes music has healing qualities and brings everyone together.  DJ ACE has been perfecting her craft for over a decade.  She is in her element while Deejaying.  Oftentimes you will see her out on the dance floor with the rest of the guests.  She plays to diverse audiences and will play to what the audience wants to hear whatever the genre of music.  She plays for weddings, graduations, birthday parties, retirement parties, community celebrations, just to name a few.  Her motto is, “guaranteed to make you say, that’s my jam!”